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OZ Dog Azyl – Dunajská Streda | Dog adoption and support


The shelter in Dunajská Streda is looking for some support regarding adoption, equipments, and food.

You can support as much as you can, and give a chance to these animals in shelter waiting for a better life.



Image result for good food for dogs
Even if it’s a donation, the shelter requires quality food for avoiding digestion troubles and unhealthy products. They recommend to get to the specialized dog shops.

In supermarket, you can find couple of brands with awesome marketing, however it’s recommended to buy quality food – no matter how the current condition of the animal is, dogs deserve good food for not making them seek.

Good brand are available in specialized dog shops, where the quality is a way better, and the price slightly more expansive. You have any doubt? please contact directly the shelter to get more information.


e-mail: dogazyl@azet.sk
Facebook: OZ Dog Azyl

Image result for sheet cotton
Any used and old sheets and towels in cotton (non-synthetic), bring them

Dogs need a comfort a proper clean cage, at least, despite enjoying a home sweet. Beside the nourriture, you can support with old sheets and towels, and as well washing products.

Image result for washing products
Shelter needs as well washing products to clean all the sheets and covers

You can buy directly online with the Dog Azyl’s partners and send food directly to the shelter. The deliver would be given to the right place.

For more details and to confirm the correct delivery, please get in touch directly with the shelter Dog Azyl.




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